Strait Up - Homework Line
for Parents
and Students
StraitUp for Parents is a new application which is available to Strait teachers to use with their parents and students.

We have 'beta tested' this and it has been well received by the parents of some of our students and by the hosting teachers.

What is it?
It is a web page - available to be read by anyone, that advises of the homework for students each day.

How is it shared?
Teachers simply give the web address (URL) to the students and parents and suggest that they bookmark it in their browser. They can also find the teacher on this site.

How do parents search out various teachers pages?
We will be placing a link on the Board web site (your school may add it too). Parents will be able to see all teachers' StraitUp pages.

How do teachers get a page?
Simply contact our Help Desk (1.866.759.6034) and request your StraitUp page.

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